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Journal of East-West Thought

Journal of East-West Thought (JET) is published by the International Association for East-West Studies (IAES, As a scholarly, peer-reviewed journal dedicated to advancing constructive, creative, critical, theoretical and forward-looking thoughts and ideas in East-West studies, it provides a forum for interdisciplinary, cross-cultural, global, and philosophical examinations of all subject matters within East-West studies. JET's ISSN is 2161-7236, Website is The Inaugural Issue has been published already.

JET welcomes diverse theories and methods, promoting dialogue on various philosophical, ethical, esthetical and methodological issues, problems, and themes in the natural sciences, social sciences, humanities, and other fields, including economics, political science, law, business, engineering, and the arts. JET aims to combine Western and non-Western perspectives to construct an integrative and cosmopolitan perspective that will benefit an international community of educators.

JET will be published quarterly: Spring (March), Summer (June), Fall (September), and Winter (December). Each issue of JET will contain approximately 130-150 pages.

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Inaugural Issue December 2011: Table of Contents

Inaugural Issue December 2011: Articles

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ISSN: 2161-7236 (Print), 2168-2259 (online)/  Number 1,Volume 2, March 2012

XUNWU CHEN/Introduction: Multiculturalism and Its Challenge 1

Articles: Pluralism, Inclusivism and Multiculturalism

VINCENT COLAPIETRO/ The Tyranny of Method: A Pragmatic  7

Defense of Philosophical Pluralism

KWONG-LOI SHUN/ The Philosophical Study of Chinese Thought 25

J. RANDALL GROVES/ Canon and Grand Narrative in the Philosophy 39

of History

CHENYANG LI/ Five Contemporary Challenges for Confucianism 53

XUNWU CHEN/ Religious Toleration: Why There Should Be No 69

Religious Legal Other of a Democratic State?

ELISE KIMERLING WIRTSCHAFTER/ Religious Enlightenment in 83

Eighteenth-Century Russia – A Model for Change

WENYU XIE/ The Concept of Cheng and Confucian Religiosity 91

ERICKA TUCKER/ Developing Normative Consensus: How 107

the “International Scene” Reshapes the Debate over Internal and External Criticism

Discussion: A New Vision of Chinese Metaphysics and Chinese Cosmology

CHUANG LIU/ Tian Ren He Yi (the Unity of Heaven and Man): 123

A New Ontology for the Quantum World

WEIMIN SUN/ Features of Chinese Cosmology 133

Book Reviews

BARBARA ENTL/ Jurgen Hagerman, Europe: The Faltering Project 145

ZHAOLU LU/ Mark Rowlands, The New Science of the Mind: from 148

Extended Mind to Embodied Phenomenology


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ISSN: 2161-7236 (Pringt), 2168-2259 (Online) / Number 2, Volume 2, June 2012


YANG YE/ The Pride of the "Cotton-Clad": A Cross-Cultural Examination of Individualism and Human Dignity

SANDRA WAWRYTKO/ Buddhist Epistemology and Economics: Deconstructing Dysfunctional Delusions

DEVENDRA NATH TIWARI/ Philosophy and the Question of its Utility

XUNWU CHEN/ Happiness, Fate, and the Law of No Self-subversion

WEIMIN SUN/ Are Chinese Sciences Science?

YUAN JINMEI/ Aristotelian Logic in China--A Case Study of the Chinese Translations of Euclid’s Elements, Jihe Yuanben

XINYAN JIANG/ Rationality and Moral Agency—A Study of Xunzi’s Philosophy

HAMID ANDISHAN/ Al-F?r?b?’s Tradition vis-à-vis Philosophical Pluralism

JOHN ZIJIANG DING/ Mystical Symbolism and Dialetheist Cognitivism: The Transformation of Truth-Falsehood (Zhen-Jia)

Book Reviews

BARBARA ENTL/ Alexandre Dumas. 2011. The Count of Monte Cristo. New York: Barnes & Noble.

ZHAOLU LU/ Shapiro, Lawrence. 2011. Embodied Cognition. New York: Routledge


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ISSN: 2161-7236 (PRINT)· ISSN 2168-2259 (ONLINE) / NUMBER VOLUME 2·SEPTEMBER 2012


JOSEF SEIFERT/ Persons and Causes: Beyond Aristotle 1

ZHAOLU LU/ Scientific Holism: China Meets West 33

S. G. NIGAL/ Secularism, Man and the Ecological Issues 51

YUEDI LIU/ Wittgenstein, Dewey and Confucianism on Aesthetic Ethics 61

PROYASH SARKER/ Arjuna: The Defeated Hero 75

CHONGYI FENG/ Universal Truth versus Chinese Exceptionalism: An Ideological Dilemma 87

YUBRAJ ARYAL/ Identity as a Series of Affective Transactions 95

Review Article

SUOQIAO QIAN/ Is There a Chinese Subject in Chinese Shakespeares? Reading Chinese Shakespeares: Two Centuries of Cultural Exchange 107

Book Reviews

ZHAOLU LU/ Menary, Richard. Ed. 2010. The Extended Mind. Cambridge, Massachusetts: MIT Press 121

YU HUANG/ Li Sher-Shiueh. 2005. Late Ming China and European Literature: A philological study on the late Ming Jesuit appropriation of the classical exemplum. Taipei: Taipei Lianjing 124



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ISSN: 2161-7236 (Print), 2168-2259 (Online) / Number 4, Volume 2, December 201


XUNWUCHEN/ Editor’s Introduction: The Boundary of Our nation Can Be Measured Only By the Sun: Cosmopolitanism and Humanity 1

Special Theme: Cosmopolitanism

THOMAS POGGE/Cosmopolitanism: A Path to Peace and Justice 9

XUNWU CHEN/ The Trinity of Cosmopolitanism 33

JOSEF SEIFERT/ Clash or Kiss of Pace Between Civilizations? Can Mankind in the 21st Century Move to A Peaceful and Cosmopolitan World or Will it Inevitably Engage in Wars and Bloodsheds Provoked by a Clash of Cultures? 51

BARBARA ENTL/ A Cosmopolitan Order: Moral Solidairty and Ethical Pluralism


JOHN ZIJIANG DING/ Transformative Modes of Chinese Cosmopolitanism: A Historical Comparison 89

Regular Article

DAVID STOREY/ Zen in Heidegger’s Way 113

Book Reviews

STEVEN KELLMAN/ Paul Hendrickson, Hemingway’s Boat: Everything He Loved in Life and Lost 141

LEA LINEBAUGH/ Jürgen Habermas, The Inclusion of the Other 146


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ISSN: 2161-7236 (Print)·2168-2259 (Online) / Number 1·Volume 3·March 2013


TOMING JUN LIU/ Issue Editor’s Introduction: Literature’s Otherness and Global East-West Modernities 1

Special Issue: Literature’s Otherness and Global East-West Modernities

1. Literature’s Political Otherness and Deconstruction

ZLATAN FILIPOVIC/ For a Future to Come: Derrida’s Democracy and the Right to Literature 13

SAMANTHA GOLDASIC and TOMING JUN LIU/ In the Name of the Father: A Lacanian and Derridean Analysis of Kafka’s “The Judgment” 25

2. History, Memory and Global East-West Modernities

ATEF LOUAYENE/ Pathologies of Moorishness: Al-Andalus, Narrative, and “Worldly Humanism” 31

OU LI / Revolved Recollection of Revolution in Wordsworth’s Prelude 45

3. Reimagining Global East-West: The Case of Octavio Paz

ROBERTO CANTU/ Ideograms of the East and the West: Octavio Paz Blanco, and the Traditions of Modern Poetry 63

MARGARITA NIETO/ In Search of the “Other”: Octavio Paz’s The Labyrinth of Solitude and In Light of India 79

Book Reviews

STEVEN G. KELLMAN/ Olivier Philipponnat and Patrick Lienhardt, The Life of Irène Némirovsky, 1903–1942 91

ASHLEY KRAMER/ Priscilla Parkurst Ferguson, Paris as Revolution: Writing the 19th-Century City 93

MIN ZHOU/ Toming Jun Liu, Modernity in Fugue: Revelations of the 19th Century European Literature 95

ZHAOLU LU/ Xunwu Chen, Justice, Humanity, and Social Toleration 99

Biographical Sketches of Contributors 105

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